Aquatic Centre Hire


Underwater Filming at the Aquatic Centre

The Aquatic Centre, and individual pools and lanes are available for hire for everything from school swimming carnivals to private functions.


Follow Haley Lewis, Kieren Perkins, Libby Trickett and Leisel Jones – have your photo shoot or ad campaign at the Aquatic Centre!

The Centre has featured in television commercials both here and abroad, including a soft drink ad for Japan starring Ian Thorpe and a host of Uncle Toby's ads starring our Australian Olympians. We've been seen on screens in countries as diverse as Korea and India, and for products from soap to rum. 

Our cooperative and experienced staff makes it the preferred location for many directors, producers and camera crews.


A 50m heated pool with attached diving pool. The diving pool is 4m deep while the 50m pool ranges in depth from 1.2m - 3m. The indoor pools are equipped with a square underwater viewing window at the deep end and diving pool.  The pool decks are wide providing easy access for film equipment, with high ceilings allowing good natural light. 

Upon application, exclusive use of the facility for filming is available day or night, seven days a week.


An attractive grassed area that surrounds the 25m pool, splash pad and barbecue.


The car park caters for over 400 cars, making it convenient for sporting events and film crews with large numbers of vehicles. We also have a large, secure, designated parking area for film location vehicles with easy access to the pool area.