Vegetation Communities


Coastal Sandstone Heath

A vegetation community is a group of plants occuring together to form a characteristic vegetation type. Warringah is home to at least 37 different vegetation communities.

It is important that we all preserve bushland wherever possible, particularly in areas where there are limited examples of a particular type of vegetation. 

Over 40% of Warringah's native vegetation has been lost since European settlement, with very little native vegetation remaining within 4km of the Warringah coast, where significant development has taken place. Click on the link to view maps (below) showing an estimate of the distribution of native vegetation types in Warringah before European settlement and native vegetation in the year 2000.

The impact of clearing across Warringah has affected some vegetation communities more than others, with some so rare that they are listed as ‘threatened ecological communities’ under the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.