Common Brushtailed Possum

Common Brushtailed Possum
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The Common Brushtailed Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) is a nocturnal animal. During the day it retreats to a hollow log or tree trunk or dark area such as house roofs.

In the wild, its diet consists of leaves, flowers and fruit, but in suburbia it will eat almost anything, including meat.

The brush-tailed possum is an agile climber. It has silvery fur, large ears, a dark brushy tail and is about the size of a small cat.

It mostly breeds in autumn and gives birth to one baby. The baby remains in the pouch for four to five months, feeding off its mother’s milk. It spends another month or two between the pouch and its mothers back while weening.

To keep Possums out of your Roof...

  • Keep a bright light on in the roof cavity until the possum leaves then block access to your roof
  • Place a possum house in a tree nearby - guide to making a possum house

Note: Council does not hire or lend possum traps. Possums are protected in NSW and catching possums without a licence is illegal.