Grey Butcherbird

Grey Butcher Bird
Backyard Creatures, Native Animals

The Grey Butcherbird (Cracticus torquatus) makes a rich melodious piping call. It preys on small animals such as insects, birds and small lizards, and will also feed on fruit and seeds.

The adult has a black head and face. It has a grey back with a thin white collar and a white belly. They have a grey and black bill with a hook at the tip. Females are smaller than males. Juveniles are olive-brown where adults are black and have a beige belly.

It lives in wooded habitats including those in urban areas.

Their bowl-shaped nests are usually 10 metres off the ground and are made from twigs and lined with grass. Juveniles are fed by both parents and remain with them for 12 months. They help raise young the following breeding season.