Grey-headed Flying Fox

Grey-headed Flying Fox
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The Grey Headed Flying Fox (Pteropus poliocephalus) is a large flying fox with a wingspan of up to one metre. It has a reddish-yellow mantle encircling the neck and a grey or whitish grey head. Fluffy, dark brown fur extends to the ankle - unlike other flying foxes whose fur only reaches the knee.

The social structure of the Grey Headed Flying Fox is organised around roost sites, known as camps, consisting of hundreds of individuals. They will use most habitat types which provide food, particularly eucalyptus woodlands and forests, typically near water.

It feeds on a variety of flowering and fruiting plants and is responsible for seed dispersal of many rainforest trees, such as native figs and palms. It also feeds extensively on the blossoms of eucalypts, angophoras, tea-trees and banksia and is an important pollinator of these species.