Heath Monitor

Heath Monitor
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The Heath Monitor (Varanus rosenbergi) is among the rarest reptiles in the Sydney Basin region. Although the Heath Monitor is a ground dwelling species, it can climb
trees using its powerful claws. It ranges quite widely using sandstone outcrops and crevices as important shelter, especially during winter.

The Heath Monitor grows to a length of 1.4m and is dark grey to blackish on top with many fine yellow and cream speckles. Dark bands cross the back, and the tail is banded with cream or yellow. A distinct, pale-edged, dark streak runs from behind the eye. 

The Heath Monitor can be distinguished from the Lace Monitor, also found in Sydney, by the absence of barred lips, chin and forelimbs. The forelimbs tend to be spotty rather than striped.

The Heath Monitor uses ground termite mounds as breeding chambers.