Willie Wagtail

Willy Wagtail
Backyard Creatures, Native Animals

The Willie Wagtail (Rhipidura leucophrys) has a black head, back, throat and wings, with a white belly, eyebrows and whisker marks.

Juveniles resemble adults but have paler, slightly rusty edges to the wings.

The name wagtail comes from the sideways wagging of its fantail.

When searching for insects, it flies short distances near to the ground. It makes a sharp and lively call with a sweet musical tone, alternating between high and low notes.

Willie Wagtails are found in open forests, woodlands, water courses, wetlands and are common around urban gardens.

Nests are cup shape and made from grasses stuck together with cobwebs. It is lined with feathers and fur. Interestingly, they often nest close to other black and white birds such as magpies.