Education Resources


Waste education

Small changes at home, school and work can add up to big differences. We’ve got resources to help you and our educators work towards a cleaner, less wasteful, more sustainable and healthier way of life. 

Duffys Forest Defenders 

Warringah Council has proudly developed a teaching resource for Stage Two primary school students (Years 3 and 4) on bushland and threatened species conservation, focusing on the Endangered Ecological Community known as Duffys Forest.  The Protecting Our Threatened Species Duffys Forest website is fun and interactive. Students are taken on a journey by their hosts Billy Bandicoot and Olivia Grevillea to become Duffys Forest Defenders. The teaching material meets curriculum objectives for several subjects and is completely free to use. Teachers are also welcome to request a free 'Duffys Forest Safari' visit by Council's Education for Sustainability Team.  Click on the website to use the teaching resource and to book a Duffys Forest Safari.

Dirty Little Household Secrets 

Are you waging chemical warfare against household grime? Powerful cleaners can contain ingredients you’d really rather not be breathing, wearing or washing in. Tips for a squeaky clean, green and healthy home can be found in our Dirty Little Household Secrets brochure on the sidebar.

Catchment Education 

Council has several resources for catchment education that can be requested for schools or community groups. These include an interactive catchment model and on-site educational activities at Manly Dam (such as micro-vertebrate sampling).  
For more information contact our Education for Sustainability Officer on 9942 2994 (please note that sessions are limited and while best efforts will be made, there is no guarantee all requests will be accommodated). 

Schools Environmental Resource Kit

The Schools Environmental Resource Kit (see document on the right) is designed to assist schools to run successful environmental education programs and includes project ideas, step-by-step guides, case studies, sample budgets and resources.