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Warringah Mall Library

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Managing the Library Collection

Our library is about Bringing people, information and ideas together so we provide resources for use by the whole community to support lifelong learning and exploration. 

We aim to provide what our community finds useful and interesting having regard for quality, popularity, accuracy, currency, relevancy, format and price.  We don’t try to replicate school, tertiary or other curriculum material.

Suggestions for purchase are welcome, and donations may be accepted.  The Library abides by censorship ratings but will not exclude material from the adult collection on the grounds that it is not suitable for children. 

To keep the library collection up to date and attractive, it is necessary to remove items from the collection and replace as appropriate on a regular basis.

For more information about our apporach to managing our library collection, click here.


Borrowing from your library service is free, easy and you can return your items at any of our libraries. You may borrow up to 30 items for a three week period except for Fastbacks and HSC rescources which are a 1 week loan period.

Bring your membership card with you when you visit the library and browse our extensive collections. There is a charge for overdue items. (25 cents per item per day).

Find Your Item Online

You can search our catalogue online from home and of course you can also use the computers at the library to search.

Place a Hold

Once you find the item you want to borrow, you can put a ‘hold’ on it. Once you’ve placed a hold on the item it will be kept for you at your chosen library.

Select the item in the catalogue and follow the steps. You’ll need to login to do this - use the barcode number on your library card.

If an item is currently out on loan you can still put a hold on it. This means it will be kept for you once it is returned.

You can also place a hold in person or by phone.

There is a $1 charge for placing a hold.


You can renew your borrowed items once in person, by phone or online, provided there are no reservations on them.

Renewing online is easy. Renew

Login using the barcode number on your library card.

Select the item you want to renew from your list of current borrowed items and click ‘Renew'. You’ll receive a confirmation message to tell you your item is renewed for another 21 days.

If renewing over the phone, please have your card ready.