Fees and Charges


Fees and Charges

Membership is free to anyone. You can borrow books, use online resources or do your own research, all at no charge. We keep our other charges to a minimum so all members of the community can access our services.

Overdue Items:

If your book or other item is overdue we charge you 25 cents a day per item, up to a maximum of $10 per item. Please note you will be unable to borrow or renew any items, or place a hold on any item until your total overdue charges is reduced to less than $5.

Reserving a Book:

If you reserve a book with us it will cost you $1. Inter-library reservations (where we reserve the book for you from another public library service) will cost $3 per item.  In addition to the $3, Inter-Library reservations from the SWIFT Library Co-op (Ashfield, Botany and Marrickville) will cost you $6 and from universities or TAFE institutions $16.50.

Lost and Damaged Items:

If an item is damaged or lost it will cost you $5 plus the cost of replacing the item.

Replacement and Guest Membership Cards:

If you lose your card a new one will cost you $2, if you only wish to use our printing or computer services, a guest card is $2.

Copyright and your Obligations:

You are welcome to copy and scan material from the Library’s collections provided you meet the requirements 
of the Australian Copyright Act 1968 and and any special requirements applied to our Local Studies collection material.

Copyright information for library clients and staff clearly explained here. Information on copyright provided by the Library does not constitute legal advice. If in doubt, seek legal advice before copying a work.

All Fees and Charges


Book Club    
Book Club Subscriptions - per group p/annum 60.00
Book Sales    
Book Sales - Paperbacks/Hardcover & Quality Magazines (not part of Booksale event) each 0.50 - 3.00
Book Sales - Reference books (not part of Booksale event) each 5.00
Book Sales - DVDs and CDs (not part of Booksale event) each 1.00
Community Support Service    
Examination Invigilation p/event $40.00/hr + $30.00/hr after
Library Family History Group Membership p/annum 12.00
Digital Images    
Digital Photographs - High Resolution (conditions apply) each 35.00
Digital Photographs from Local Studies Collection - supply of JPEG or TIFF for professional use each from 50.00
Library Programs and Events each as advertised
Fax Services    
Fax transmission (to send + receive) Local 1st and subsequent pages each 2.00
Fax transmission (to send + receive) STD 1st page each 3.00
Fax transmission (to send + receive) STD subsequent pages each 2.00
Fax transmission (to send + receive) ISD 1st page each 8.00
Fax transmission (to send + receive) ISD subsequent pages each 3.00
Inter Library Loan Charge    
Inter Library Loan Request Fees each 3.00
Inter Library Loan (Swift Libraries - Ashfield, Botany & Marrickville) each 6.00 + 3.00
Inter Library Loan (Corporate, University or TAFE ) each 16.50 + 3.00
Laminating A4 each 3.00
Laminating A3 each 6.00
Library Membership Cards    
Replacement Membership Card each 2.00
Lost and Damaged Items    
Lost and Damaged Items p/item replacement cost + 5.00 admin fee
Repair to Item p/item 10.00
Replacement Barcode on an item p/item 5.00
Library Merchandise each as advertised
Overdue Items    
Overdue Items per day, per item each 0.25
Printing & Scanning    
Print/Copy Card - (print,scan and copy fees apply) each 2.00
Photocopy Charges  A4  B&W p/copy 0.20
Photocopy Charges  A3  B&W p/copy 0.40
Photocopy Charges - Colour A4 p/copy 1.00
Photocopy Charges - Colour A3 p/copy 3.00
Microform Reader Printer per copy p/copy 0.20
Scanning p/copy 0.20
Commercial publications - Cracking Awaba each 12.00
Commercial publications - Pictorial History of Warringah each 25.00
Commercial publications - Sun, Sand and Surf each 10.00
Hold/Transfers of Library Items each 1.00
Room Hire    
Hire of Warringah Mall Multi-Function Room Commercial 9am-5pm daily rate p/day 250.00
Hire of Warringah Mall Multi-Function Room Commercial hourly rate p/hour 60.00
Hire of Warringah Mall Multi-Function Room Not for profit Daily 9am-5pm daily rate p/day 100.00
Hire of Warringah Mall Multi-Function room Not for profit hourly rate (9am-5pm) p/day 25.00
Cancellation fee for Hire of Warringah Mall Multi-Function Room (minimum 48hrs notice required)   60.00