Library Membership - Terms and Conditions

Members will:

  • be considerate of other library visitors
  • take responsibility for all items borrowed on their library card
  • return items on or before the due date
  • take note of Library reminder emails
  • avoid overdue items by renewing the loan if available
  • pay any overdue fees
  • advise the Library of any changes to their contact details
  • treat the library and its property with care
  • pay replacement costs for any items lost or damaged
  • advise the Library if their card is lost or stolen
  • take responsibility for the security of personal or other information placed on the internet such as banking details and licensing agreements
  • act responsibly and not display or view pornographic, obscene or offensive material, or material that may incite hatred or violence.


Guarantors for members under 16 years of age will take responsibility for:

  • the selection or borrowing of library materials by their child
  • the use of the internet and library equipment by their child
  • the behaviour of their child at the library.

In the unfortunate event a member breaches these Membership Conditions, the Council Library reserves the right to restrict or ban access to library materials and facilities or terminate library membership.

The Conditions of Library membership are subject to change without notice.