Cultural Diversity


We share Warringah with people of many nations – and with the descendants of the original owners.

As Warringah has grown it has always welcomed new citizens from around the world. Frenchs Forest is the hub of an established network of European social clubs. We have a growing Chinese and Vietnamese population, centred around Dee Why and Brookvale. And Warringah is home to one of Australia’s largest Tibetan communities. Find out more about our population at our local statistics page. 

Culturally Diverse Warringah

On 22 September 2015, Council adopted the Multicultural Strategy 'Culturally Diverse Warringah.' The Multicultural Strategy provides clear direction for Council to plan and deliver services and assets for people of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds in Warringah.

Aboriginal Warringah

Our commitment to cultural diversity starts with our acknowledgment that Aboriginal people are the original inhabitants of our area. We celebrate the survival of their culture following European colonisation. Warringah Council is working with the Aboriginal Heritage Office to protect indigenous heritage in the region.

Find links on the right to learn more about Aboriginal heritage and community in Warringah.

Language and Multilingual Resources in Warringah

Warringah’s libraries have outstanding multilingual resources with reading materials and language learning resources for those in our community from other cultures.

Warringah Council and the Tibetan Community

Council’s community development grants program has recognised the importance of this group with grants to the Tibetan Learning Centre and a Tibetan Children’s Camp in recent years.

In 2008 Mr Dorjee Dadul was made our Warringah Citizen of the Year in recognition of his tireless volunteer work helping newly arrived Tibetans to settle in Warringah.

Pacific & Maori Work on the Street Program

The Pacific & Maori Work on the Street Program was set up in 2012 by the Northern Beaches Police Command, in response to high levels of contact between police and young people from those communities.

They have a range of programs, from Friday Night Out Reach Patrols around Dee Why to running Cultural Days with the schools, language and cultural events weekly at Dee Why and Pacific Beats nights where both modern and traditional singing and dance skills are on display.
Council serves on the Steering Committee, assists with insurance and funds the hire of a hall in Dee Why as well as helping with activity and tutor fees.

The program has seen great success, with an up to 60% reduction in police incidents among this group.


Frenchs Forest is a hub of multicultural life in Warringah. It is home to a number of cultural clubs established by European emigrants who brought their traditions to enrich our community.

The Austrian Club, Czech Club, Armenian Club, Danish Club, Swedish Club, Dutch Club and others band together each year for EuroFest at Ararat Reserve.

Sydney Multicultural Festival

Held at Passmore Reserve, Manly Vale, the Festival celebrates cultural diversity on the northern beaches. More details are on their website.

In this section you can find

The Stiff Gins performing at Guringai Festival

Aboriginal Warringah

Warringah is situated on the lands of the Guringai people.