Road Safety


School crossing

Warringah Council’s Road Safety Education program operates in conjunction with the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to help make Warringah's roads safer.

The challenge is to address the road safety issues within Warringah Council, by raising community road safety awareness through education, enforcement and engineering efforts to make the roads a safer place to be.

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Child in Car Seat

Child Restraints

Children in correctly installed restraints are 70% less likely to be seriously injured.
School Crossing

School Safety

There are more than 60 schools in Warringah - where there are unique road rules and increased fines.
Learner and Young Drivers

Learner and Young Drivers

Young drivers represent 13% of all drivers, yet they are involved in 26% of all fatal crashes.  To reduce the death and injury of young people on ...

Seniors Road Safety

Research shows older road users are particularly vulnerable and are more likely to suffer serious injury from car accidents. Pedestrian crashes ...
Pittwater Road


Speeding is the number one cause of crashes in Warringah.
Distracted Pedestrian Youth Safety Poster


Be careful of distractions when crossing the road.
Drink Driving

Drink Driving

Use this information to plan safe transport home.


The majority of motorcycle riders involved in a crash in Warringah are local residents.
Boys Riding Bikes

Bicycle Safety

Learn to ride defensively and share the road.