Warringah Council, in conjunction with the Road and Maritime Services (RMS), are urging motorcyclists to ride more safely. There are a disturbing number of motorcycle accidents on the northern beaches, and statistics reveal that the majority of riders involved in a crash in Warringah are local residents.

There are several things you can do as a motorcyclist for a safer trip.


Creating a buffer, or space, between your bike and other vehicles gives you more time to respond to potential hazards and more space to protect yourself. You also improve the chances of other drivers seeing you. Scan for hazards. Slow down. Move away from hazards.

Don't Drink and Ride

Alcohol and riding don’t mix. Any amount of alcohol in your bloodstream will affect balance and coordination – skills essential for riding a motorbike. A motorcycle casualty is four times as likely to be fatal if the rider has an illegal blood alcohol level.


51% of motorcycle deaths in NSW occur on bends. Every time you ride around a blind corner you are at risk. Nine out of 10 rider fatalities occur when the motorcycle crosses into the oncoming lane or runs off the road. Start corners wide to improve your vision. Plan to finish them in tight. Keep away from the head-on zone.


It takes 1.5 seconds to make a decision and to act upon it once you see a hazard. That equates to travelling 25 metres if you are riding at 60 km/h.

The lower the speed, the lower the risk.

Cars can stop faster than motorcycles, therefore tailgating can easily result in a crash.

Scanning and Setting Up

Scan for hazards as this helps you to collect the maximum amount of information about your riding environment. Applying your brakes lightly as you approach potential hazards. This can greatly reduce your response time and your stopping distance.

Dress for Success

Dress to be seen. Protect yourself by wearing the right gear and opt for more visible colours. Remember to replace your helmet fairly frequently. If your helmet gets a hard knock, it’s damaged and it can’t protect you so replace it. Dress to be seen. Protect yourself. Wear the right gear.


Drivers can reduce the chance of being involved in a crash with a motorcycle by using the following tips:

  • Look over your shoulder before you make a move of any kind.
  • Check mirrors and blind spots often.
  • Check for motorcycles before opening doors.
  • Check for motorcycles when pulling out from the kerb.
  • Give motorcycles space. They may have to avoid an obstacle that wouldn’t matter in other vehicles, but could be a serious problem for them.