Vegetation Bin

Which bin is for what? 

In Warringah we provide you with colour coded bins to make recycling your household waste easy. Remember to make sure your bin lids are closed. When you put your bins out space them about 200mm apart and away from trees, posts and parked cars if possible. 
Posters and brochures about waste and recycling are available under documents in the right hand column. Printed copies can be ordered for your unit block bin room using our online form.
Yellow lid - mixed container recycling
All plastic, metal and carton containers, glass bottles and jars, from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry regardless of whether they have a recycling symbol.  Small plant pots, plastic meat trays and fruit punnets accepted but no plastic bags, cling wrap, furniture, toys, polystyrene, ceramics, white glass (eg Malibu bottles) or flat glass.

Blue lid - paper and cardboard

All flattened paper and boxes but no pizza boxes, wax coated cardboard or soiled paper.

Lime Green lid - vegetation

All garden vegatation waste, but no soil, bricks, plant pots, tiles, stones or concrete. All branches and vegetation must fit in the bin with the lid closed, and must not be thicker than 75mm diameter. No large tree stumps, logs or trunks. Find out about the Green Bin Swap.

Red / Dark Green lid - garbage

All other general household garbage. No liquids or other chemicals. Sawdust, dust and ash etc must be sealed in a bag or container. Bin lids must be closed.

Bins and the law

Bins are supplied by Council and remain Council’s property. Please note we only collect Warringah Council bins and we may need to access private property in order to collect, exchange or maintain bins. It is your responsibility to keep your bins in a proper and clean manner. Bins should be removed from the street and returned to your property as soon as possible after they have been emptied. If your bin is missing or stolen you may need to fill out the Statutory Declaration in the 'links' section and fax it to 9971 4522.

Are your bins overflowing?

Extra or larger yellow or blue lidded recycling bins can  be ordered for free on 9942 2111. There is a charge for changes to garbage and vegetation bins.
For general enquiries, damaged (including missing lids) or missing bins contact Customer Service on 9942 2111. For other services please see Request a Service under 'links'.

Request a Service:

Missed Service

Mixed recycling and Paper recycling are collected on alternate fortnights from houses and weekly from Units. Vegetation is collected fortnightly. Residential garbage is collected weekly. On your collection day waste can be collected between 7:00am and 6:30pm. Missed services should not be entered until the day following your regular collection day. Exception: If all other bins in the street have been emptied your missed service can be entered. Leave bins out next to the kerb for collection. Collection will occur within 48 hours from the next business day.
Please Note: if a sticker has been placed on your bin it is not considered to be a missed/partial service and the waste contractor will not return. Please rectify the issue identified on the sticker (e.g. wrong material in bin) and your bin will be collected on your next regular collection day.

Bin Not Put Back in Correct Place

This request type is for use when your bin has not been returned to the bin hide or on the kerb near your home. Please do not place items for replacement under this request. For lost bins or replacement of bin parts such as lids or wheels please call Council's Customer Service Centre on 9942 2111.


If necessary the waste contactor will return to clean up bin spillages. If the spillage is regarded as potentially harmful (e.g.: glass), do not enter the request online. Please call Council’s Customer Service Centre direct on 9942 2111 during business hours 8:30am-5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Partial Service

This request type should be used if your bin has not been fully emptied. Please check inside your bin to ensure it is not packed too tight or there is no obstruction such as cardboard.