Safety and Wellbeing


School crossing

Clean food, clean streets, caring for children. There’s a lot we do every day to defend your health and keep you safe.

We monitor public health standards throughout Warringah – in food outlets, public pools and sewage. We clean the footpaths, the beaches and the bus shelters. We protect our children with pool fences and school zones and we work with police to keep driving down crime.

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Commercial Kitchen

Public Health

Warringah Council is committed to the highest standards of public health.
Backyard pool

Pool Safety

Don’t take chances with safety around the pool. Click here to learn about new swimming pool laws and pool registration.

Fire Safety

The key to reducing the risk of fire is being prepared.
School Crossing

School Safety

There are more than 60 schools in Warringah - where there are unique road rules and increased fines.


Learn what can be done safely and what is a danger to health.
Graffiti removal


Illegal graffiti is a crime and we’re committed to getting rid of it.
Beach raker

Public Cleaning

Click here to learn how we keep Warringah looking good – and how you can help us out.


Help us to keep Warringah clean.
Alcohol Free Zones

Alcohol Free Zones

We patrol alcohol free zones and alcohol prohibited areas in our parks and reserves.