Graffiti removal

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is removed by Council in public areas and walls/fences joining public land. Council can not enter private land or remove graffiti from private walls higher than 3 metres above ground. 
To request that graffiti be removed you can fill out our Graffiti Removal Booking Form. Most graffiti will be removed within two to five days. 

Warringah Council’s Graffiti Rapid Removal Program includes:

  • scheduled cleaning from specified sites and Council buildings;
  • weekly patrols and removal of graffiti along major roads;
  • removal of reported graffiti within 5 days (or 1 day for offensive graffiti);
  • monthly patrols and removal of graffiti throughout the rest of Warringah.


Graffiti Prevention

Property owners can take a number of steps to prevent graffiti and make removal easier, such as:

  • Avoid large, blank surfaces such as a solid colourbond fence as this provides a 'canvas' for graffitists. Instead use picket fencing, bar fencing (eg pool or wrought iron fencing), metal cyclone fencing or natural materials (eg bamboo or bush reed).
  • Plant vegetation such as climbers, thorny shrubs or trees to break up surfaces and prevent access to walls or fencing.
  • Improve lighting as a well lit area promotes surveillance and deters vandalism.
  • Maintain your property. A property not kept free from litter, weeds and unrepaired damage may attract graffitists and vandalism.
  • Paint walls and fences with dark coloured paint as graffitists usually target light-colour surfaces. It is also easier to paint over graffiti with a dark colour paint than with a light colour paint. Keep extra paint in the same colour for easy repainting of walls and fences.
  • Secure your property with adequate locks, fences and gates and ensure items such as wheelie bins and barbecues can't be used to reach walls and rooftops.
  • Prompt removal of graffiti (within 24 to 48 hours) will discourage repeat graffiti.

Warringah Graffiti Volunteers

If you would like to become a Warringah Graffiti Volunteer, to monitor your street or neighbourhood and report graffiti for rapid removal, please complete the application form.

In this section you can find

Legal graffiti wall

Legal Graffiti Walls

Council’s Legal Graffiti Walls are part of a strategy to reduce illegal graffiti.