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Commercial Kitchen

Warringah Council is committed to the highest standards of public health and to ensuring a safe healthy environment for the community.

We’re promoting those standards with coordinated inspections, appropriate enforcement and continuing education.

Food Safety

Council regularly inspects food premises in Warringah to make sure that food for sale is safe to consume. If you have suffered a food related illness or have seen unclean practices, you can lodge a complaint or call 9942 2111.

Learn more about food safety for businesses

Request a Service: Food Premises

Skin Penetration

Skin penetration procedures like tattooing, acupuncture, ear piercing and hair removal can be unsafe if not done correctly.

Learn more about skin penetration safety for businesses

Request a Service: Unhealthy Conditions

Hairdressers, Barbers and Beauty Salons

Hair and beauty practitioners must use clean equipment and hygienic procedures. Council enforces NSW State Government rules regarding hair and beauty salon. Find out more at NSW Health

Request a Service: Unhealthy Conditions

Public Swimming Pools and Spas

Council regularly inspects public swimming pools and spas in Warringah to make sure public health standards are being maintained.

Learn more about swimming pool and spa health and safety

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Pool Safety

Drowning is the single most common cause of death by injury for children under five in Australia. Secure pool safety fencing is a necessity. We can organise for your pool fence to be checked for compliance by a qualified inspector.

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Cooling Tower Inspections

Legionnaires' disease is an infection of the lung caused by Legionella bacteria. These bacteria can grow in cooling towers and warm water systems if proper treatment systems are not used.

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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is commonly found in building products used in homes built before 1980. Inhaling asbestos fibres can cause lung cancer and other diseases. Special precautions must be taken when removing asbestos and the work must be done by licensed persons.

Learn more about asbestos handling and safety

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Woodfire Heaters

A great deal of air pollution in winter is caused by the use of fireplaces and wood heaters. We recommend you don’t use them. NSW Health has more information about woodsmoke pollution.

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Onsite Sewage Management

Onsite Sewage Management

Houses that are not connected to the sewage system will have some kind of on-site sewage management, such as a septic tank.