Welcome to Warringah


Windsurfing at Narrabeen Lagoon

Sparkling beaches, rolling waves. A vibrant community with a unique connection to nature. Welcome to Warringah, Sydney’s home of recreation.

Warringah is believed to mean ‘across the waves’ in the language of the Guringai people, the original occupants of our region. And just across the waves is where you’ll find this unique part of Sydney and its enviable bush to beachside lifestyle.

Wherever you are in Warringah, you’re not far from pristine bushland and you’re just minutes from some of the world’s most glorious ocean beaches. That connection to nature is at the heart of the way we live.

Warringah’s a place where work-life balance means hitting the surf after a day at the office. It means a game of footy in the park. It means getting into the bush with your kids on the weekend. It means clean water, fresh air, and space to play.

In Warringah we’re embracing change and rising to the challenges of the new century. We’ve invited people from every corner of the globe to join and enrich our community. We’re leading the way with initiatives to promote sustainable growth. And the fast-growing business hub of Brookvale-Dee Why is home to dynamic and innovative industries.

Leading the community. Protecting our environment. Creating our future.

Warringah Council is leading a conversation with the community about Warringah’s future.

It’s a conversation about development that’s friendly to our precious environment. It’s about building vibrant local centres and welcoming public spaces. It’s about clean waterways, clean air and a safe place for our children to play.

Explore our website to learn more about how we support the life of this community, and about the exciting future we’re building in Warringah.

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A Spirit of Play

A Spirit of Play

What a way to live, work and grow. Warringah has water and wilderness. The famous bush and the glittering beaches. We enjoy twice as much open space...