Food Safety


Food Safety

Food Safety

We check all local food businesses to make sure the food they’re serving is safe. Council is required to inspect food premises and enforce NSW Food Authority requirements.

Food Business Notification

All food businesses (including temporary events) in NSW are required to register their details with the Council where they intend to trade.  Registration with Warringah Council is free, by completing a Food Business Owner Details Form.

Starting a Food Business

A food premises must comply with the relevant Australian standards. Find out about the Food Standards Code. Food handlers must also know about food laws, such as acts and regulations.

Food Handlers Course

Council provides regular food handler training aimed at assisting food handlers to better understand compliance with the Food Safety Standards. Fill out the Food Handlers Booking Form or call 9942 2111.

Food Safety Supervisor

Some businesses are required to have a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS). Find out more from the NSW Food Authority. You can print the form and send it to us or, notify FSS details online.

Food Inspections

Council conducts unannounced inspections of food premises across Warringah to make sure that premises are clean, that food handlers have appropriate skills and that food is safely prepared and stored. There are fees for inspections.


Penalty Infringement Notices (PINs)
These range from $330 for an individual to $660 for a corporation. PINs that relate to food hygiene matters are publicly displayed on the NSW Food Authority’s Register of Penalty Notices

Improvement Notice

This is a legal document requiring work to be done by a specific date. There is a $330 fee.

Prohibition Orders

These can be placed on the premises, part of the premises or a piece of equipment that is a threat to public health.


Non compliance with the Food Act 2003, including any breach of the Food Standards Code, may result in Council taking the proprietor of the food business to court under the Food Act 2003. Maximum penalties for failing to comply with the Food Standards Code under the Food Act 2003 is $55,000 for individuals and $275,000 for corporations.  

Food Safety Self Assessment

Download the form and see if your premises is complying with food safety standards.

In this section you can find

Temporary Food Premises

Coffee vans, food vendors at events and other mobile vendors have different approvals and rules.
Scores on Doors Food Safety

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