Flood Prone Land



Prior to lodging your Development Application (DA) you will need to find out if your proposed development is likely to be flood affected.

Search the planning rules for your property

New development on flood prone land must be built from flood-compatible materials and must not restrict the flow of floodwaters. There are conditions that must be met relating to the floor levels in the building and providing safe shelter for people during times of flood. All these conditions are for your safety and the safety of others in the floodplain. Warringah Local Environment Plan (LEP) 2011 and Development Control Plan (DCP) set conditions which development in flood-prone areas must comply with. Relevant clauses are Part E11 of the DCP and Section 6.3 of LEP 2011

You may have to provide additional information so we can be sure that the flood risk is acceptable. Your proposal will be assessed on its site specific merits. If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions you may have to provide additional information so we can be sure that the flooding risk is acceptable.

Is the property located in a Flood Affected Area as determined by Council?

Information that may be required:

  • Flood Risk Assessment Report

Is the property located on land that:

  • is within 40m of a watercourse, creek and/or

Information that may be required:

  • Waterway Impact Statement

The guidelines (located on the right) will help you to prepare your information. If you prepare your reports in accordance with Council’s guidelines it will make it easier and quicker for us to assess your DA.

Flood Information Report

Do you need additional information on flooding for a particular property?      

The Flood Information Report will help you to prepare your information for a Development Assessment. You are strongly encouraged to lodge an application for a Flood Information Report for any proposed development applications within a flood zone. A fee is payable for this service, details are on the form.

Following the application submission, you will receive written advice that details the following information (subject to availability):

  • Flood extent maps (1 in 100 year, Flood Planning Level, Probable Maximum Flood)
  • ALS spot height maps
  • Depth mapping (where available)
  • Flooding cross sections for the property (where available)
  • Flood levels for the property (1 in 100 year, Flood Planning Level, Probable Maximum Flood level)
  • List of all flood related provisions and controls relevant to the development type
  • Flood explanation sheet
  • Guidelines for undertaking a Flood Risk Assessment report
  • SES flood information brochure

An example Flood Information Report is in the documents section.

Further details are available in the Flood Study reports, available on our Flood Studies page.


Natural Environment Flowchart for DAs

We’ve created a flowchart (located on the right) showing you the Natural Environment Requirements for Development Applications.