Stormwater and Development


Stormwater pipes

Around one in four properties in Warringah have Council stormwater pipes and other assets close to, or within, their property boundary. We need to be sure our stormwater assets are not accidentally damaged or otherwise affected by new development.

If you answer 'yes' to the question below you may be required to submit further information.

Does the property contain Council Stormwater infrastructure?

Prior to lodging your Development Application you will need to find out if your proposed development potentially affects Council’s stormwater infrastructure.

To determine if your property is affected by Council’s stormwater assets, conduct a property search – Attributes – Hazards and Overlays.

If there is an overlay called “Stormwater – within 2m of Council pits and pipes”, it means that the selected property is potentially burdened by Council stormwater infrastructure. In this regard, Council’s policy ‘PL 850: Water Management Policy’ will apply.

Information that may be required if your property is within 2m of Council pits and pipes:

  • Accurately locate, confirm dimensions including depths and plot Council’s stormwater pipelines and associated infrastructure on the DA plans. This should be carried out by a service locating contractor and registered surveyor (the applicant will need to provide evidence of methodology used for locating). The Stormwater Map will help you. Should the applicant be proposing to relocate, upgrade or remove this infrastructure, details should be provided.
  • Conduct a pre and post demolition / construction Dilapidation Survey of Council stormwater assets - to ensure no damage is caused to the assets during the development.
  • Closed Circuit Television Investigations of Council Stormwater Assets - to assist with the confirmation of location and as part of the dilapidation survey.
  • Works as Executed Data for Council Stormwater Assets - should any modifications be carried out on Council’s assets.

Guidelines, Policies and the Works as Executed Drainage Spreadsheet (located in the links section) will help you to prepare your information. If you prepare your reports in accordance with Council’s guidelines and policies it will make it easier and quicker for us to assess your DA.

Natural Environment Flowchart for DAs

We’ve created a flowchart (located in the links section) showing you the Natural Environment Requirements for Development Applications.

Stormwater Pre-Lodgement Meeting

A Stormwater Pre-Lodgement Meeting can advise you of specific stormwater information required for your DA and whether your drainage proposal is likely to be supported before your application is lodged with Council.