Application Process


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To get approval to build in Warringah you must lodge a Development Application (a DA) with us together with all the necessary documents. Council will then process your application.

After an initial review to make sure your application is complete, council will advertise the proposed development and allow time for community submissions. Next we’ll assess the DA to see if it complies with all the relevant legislation and development controls. If the development does not comply and/or it lacks important information, we will give you the opportunity to withdraw the DA so you can address the matters raised.  The DA may be reviewed by various panels depending on its size, its complexity, or on a number of other factors. After this determination process we will advise you of the outcome.

This is a brief overview of the DA process. The entire process is detailed step-by-step in a flow chart. Please read it in full before lodging your DA.


In this section you can find

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Submit Your Application

How to lodge your DA with council.
149 Zoning

Section 149 Planning Certificate

You will need a Section 149 Planning Certificate when selling your property. They are now available online.
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After your DA is Approved

If approval is granted there are further steps you must take before you start to build. Read the ‘After Consent Process Flowchart’.
Modify a DA

Modifications to your DA

If the applicant wishes to make any changes to the approved plans, they must first lodge an application

Make a DA Submission

How to comment on a Development Application