Warringah LEP 2011


WLEP 2011

The Warringah Local Environmental Plan (WLEP 2011) aims to protect the environment and the quality of life in Warringah while promoting sustainable development.

WLEP 2011 was created to comply with the State Government’s Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plans) Order 2006, which requires local councils to implement a ‘Standard Instrument’.  The State Government created the Standard Instrument to streamline the NSW Planning system.

WLEP 2011 is published on the NSW Government Legislation website which is the official source for WLEP 2011.  It is also reproduced on Council’s website to allow its integration with enquiries about planning rules for specific properties or types of development.

Read the full LEP:

WLEP 2011 (NSW Government Legislation website)

WLEP 2011 (reproduced by Council for planning enquiries)

Land listed as a Deferred Matter and the WLEP

Certain parts of Warringah are not covered by the new WLEP. The affected land is in the B2 Oxford Falls Valley and C8 Belrose North localities. These areas have been ‘deferred’ by the State Government. They are covered by WLEP 2000 until further notice.

Warringah Development Control Plan (WDCP)

The Warringah DCP contains detailed planning controls which are not included in WLEP 2011. Both the WLEP and the WDCP must be considered together when planning development in Warringah.