Development Restrictions


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LEP 2011


Zoning refers to the kinds of use permitted on a given property. Zonings can only be changed by amending the Local Environmental Plan.

Flood Prone Land

Parts of Warringah are vulnerable to flooding. There are special requirements for development in these areas.
Stormwater pipes

Stormwater and Development

We manage stormwater runoff in Warringah with a significant network of pipes and channels.
Coastal Erosion

Coastline Hazards

Is your property in a Coastal Zone?
Aerial of lagoon


If your property is near a wetland or watercourse, you may need to gather extra information for your DA.

Bush Fire Prone Land

If you’re going to build on bush fire prone land then your DA must be accompanied by a Bush Fire Hazard Assessment Report.

Soil Quality

As part of the Development Application (DA) process, Council requires applicants to provide information about any soil contamination.

Sediment and Erosion

Owners and builders are responsible for controlling soil erosion and preventing sediment from being washed into stormwater.
Bush track

Native Vegetation

Development needs to comply with conditions that protect our environment.
Bonds Outlet

Heritage and Development

We encourage development that preserves heritage and respects our history.

Aboriginal Heritage and Development

We work with the Aboriginal Heritage Office to protect our Aboriginal heritage against the impact of development.


All the types of subdivision and what they mean to you.
Builders and Renovators

Building Waste

All applications for development which include any demolition or construction must be accompanied by a Waste Management Plan (WMP) and satisfy ...