Aerial of lagoon

Before lodging your Development Application (DA) you will need to find out if your proposed development potentially affects waterways (including wetlands, watercourses and lagoons). 

Search the planning rules for your property

Development near wetlands and watercourses will need to comply with conditions designed to allows these features to function as naturally as possible for the health of the environment. As well, conditions to minimise any risks from instability, erosion and flooding must be met. These conditions are for your safety and the safety of others in the vicinity of a waterway.

Warringah Development Control Plan (DCP) prescribes the nature of development near waterways (including wetlands, watercourses and lagoons). Relevant clauses are in Part E of the DCP.  If your property is within Deferred Lands (within the B2 Oxford Falls Valley and C8 Belrose North localities) relevant clauses are within LEP 2000 Clauses 56 and 60 specifically. Council’s Protection of Waterways and Riparian Land Policy also applies (located on the right).

Is the property located within:

  • 100 metres of a wetland and/or
  • Within 40m of a waterway (This is taken to start at the highest bank of the watercourse - for ephemeral streams without a defined channel, the start of the riparian land is the creek centre line.)?

Information that may be required:

  • Waterway Impact Statement

This Guideline will help you to prepare your information. If you prepare your report in accordance with Council’s guidelines it will make it easier and quicker for us to assess your DA.

In addition to Council’s requirements, development within 40m of a waterway may require approvals under legislation such as Controlled Activity Approval from the NSW Office of Water and a Fisheries Permit.

Natural Environment Flowchart for DAs

We’ve created a flowchart (located on the right) showing you the Natural Environment Requirements for Development Applications.