Local Plans


Building in Warringah? Here are the plans, policies and laws you need to know.

Decisions about development in Warringah are influenced by state and local planning legislation, strategies, controls and policies designed to address a variety of specific planning issues.

The major items of legislation affecting development in Warringah are the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, the State Environmental Planning Policies, the Warringah Local Environmental Plan LEP) and the Warringah Development Control Plan (DCP).

There are also a number of plans and policies designed to address specific issues in Warringah. Those include bushfire-prone land and waterways management.

Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2011

The LEP is designed to make planning decisions in Warringah consistent with State legislation while allowing for local requirements. The LEP 2011 is based on a system of zones that are differentiated by the range of permitted and prohibited land uses.

Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2000

Although it has been replaced by the LEP 2011, the LEP 2000 still applies to land known as a ‘deferred matter’ within Warringah.

Development Control Plan (DCP)

The DCP contains planning controls not included in LEP 2011. The DCP contains detailed local planning controls which support the LEP. The two documents should be read together.

Deferred matter

This refers to land in Warringah that has been ‘deferred’ by the State Government. This means it is excluded from the area covered by LEP 2011. The affected land lies in the B2 Oxford Falls Valley and C8 Belrose North localities. This land will remain covered by LEP 2000 until further notice.  Current DCP controls do not apply to land identified as a deferred matter.

State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs)

Certain building projects must be considered under the State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs). Some may be approved under particular SEPPs, such as exempt and complying development.

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