Planning Proposals



Preparing a planning proposal is the first step in preparing or amending a Local Environment Plan (LEP). It explains the intended effect of a proposed LEP and justifies the amendment of the LEP.

Further information about the Department of Planning and Infrastructure’s Gateway process and guides to preparing LEPs and planning proposals is available from its website. Applicants should view this information before preparing a planning proposal.

Before Council resolves to support a planning proposal and refer it to the Department’s LEP Review Panel, we undertake the process outlined in the flowchart under documents.

All applications to amend the LEP must give consideration to Council’s Statement of Business Ethics and policies regarding disclosure of political donations or gifts.

Planning Proposal Tracking System

Warringah Council and the Department of Planning and Infrastructure have electronic systems that allow users to track the progress of a planning proposal and view documents associated with its assessment.

Key Points to Note

Fees are applicable for planning proposal applications and pre-lodgements meetings.

The cost of a pre-lodgement meeting is detailed on the Pre-lodgement Application Form.

The fees applicable for a planning proposal application are detailed in Council's Fees and Charges.

The value of a development is based on the definition of Capital Investment Value (CIV) under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

Pre-lodgement meetings for planning proposals are mandatory unless written exemption is provided by Council. Exemptions may be granted for minor LEP amendments at Council’s discretion.

Notes of pre-lodgement meetings are prepared by Council and a copy provided to the applicant, generally within 14 days following the meeting.

Council’s initial assessment of the planning proposal generally includes public exhibition. This phase of community consultation occurs in addition to public exhibition as required by Section 57 of the Act.

The extent of public notification is at Council’s discretion but in most cases will involve letters to nearby landowners and an advertisement in the local newspaper and a project page on the website.

Council requires applicants to schedule an appointment to lodge their planning proposal application. To book an appointment to lodge an application, please call the Manager of the Sustainable Urban Planning team on 9942 2111.