Plans of Management


We prepare Plans of Management (POMs) for all community land and often prepare them for significant Crown reserves. 

The way community land can be used and managed is strictly governed by an adopted POM.

POMs categorise the land, authorise the granting of leases or licenses and provide a set of management strategies. Detail describing development, existing use and future use of the land may also be required depending on the type of plan.

Generic POMs include a number of land parcels all with a common purpose such as sportsground or neighbourhood park.

Specific Area POMs provide management objectives for one contiguous area of land. These often have unique management objectives and high recreational and/or environmental values.

Plans of Management take a values based approach to land planning and management. The key values, role and purpose of the land are identified so that these assets can be protected and enhanced.

All POMs go to public consulation before they are adopted by Council.

All adopted Plans of Management are available for viewing at Dee Why Library and are available for purchase from the Customer Service Centre, Civic Centre, Dee Why. Electronic versions are available, where possible, as PDF files. For information call 9942 2716.


Adopted Plans of Management (POM)

Titlesort descending Date
36-48 Kingsway Plan of Management 16 May 2014
Allenby Park Plan of Management 28 Nov 2000
Berry Reserve and Adjoining Foreshores Plan of Management 27 Jun 2000
Brookvale Community Building Plan of Management 28 Feb 2005
Brookvale Park Plan of Management 24 Sep 2002
Coastal Lands Plan of Management 24 Sep 2002
Dee Why Lagoon Wildlife Refuge Plan of Management 14 Aug 2002
Dee Why Town Square Plan of Management 14 Jun 2003
Dee Why Valley & South Creek Corridor Plan of Management 15 Jun 2008
District Park Plan of Management 25 Sep 2015
Forestville Park Plan of Management 17 Dec 2013
General Community Use Plan of Management 24 Mar 2005
Generic Bushland Plan of Management 14 Aug 2009
Generic Parks Plan of Management 26 Nov 2008
Griffith Park Plan of Management 21 Feb 2011
Harbord Literary Institute Plan of Management 25 Mar 2008
Jamieson Park Plan of Management 18 Apr 2000
JJ Melbourne Hills Memorial Reserve & Adjoining Community Land Plan of Management 15 Jun 2010
John Fisher Park Plan of Management 13 Nov 2001
Manly Warringah War Memorial Park Plan of Management 25 Mar 2014
Proposed Multipurpose Community Facility and Carpark at 36-48 Kingsway, Dee Why Plan of Management 23 Oct 2013
Red Hill & Golden Grove Parks Plan of Management 25 Jul 2000
Sportsgrounds Plan of Management 14 Dec 2007
Stony Range Botanic Garden Management Plan 15 Nov 1994
Threatened Bushland Reserves Plan of Management 14 Jun 2008
Urban Bushland Reserves Plan of Management for Anembo, Bantry Bay, Condover, Lillihina and Rhoker Reserves 26 Nov 2008
Urban Bushland Reserves Plan of Management for Collaroy Escarpment Reserves, Lionel Watts Reserve & Frenchs Forest Showground 14 Aug 2009