Dee Why bus

Traffic congestion and poor public transport links remain a major local issue. In the past four Annual Community Surveys, residents overwhelmingly singled this out as a major challenge for Warringah over the next five to ten years.

The peak-hour congestion on our roads reflects our heavy reliance on motor vehicles. The Bureau of Transport’s 2007 Household Travel Survey indicates that 75% of travel trips made by Warringah residents were by private car.

At present our road network struggles to accommodate this level of private vehicle use. While there is a range of contributing factors, people choose to commute by private vehicle in part because of a lack of alternative transportation.

Bus Rapid Transport - B-Line

The NSW Government is taking action to deliver transport improvements for the Northern Beaches, including a program of works to deliver kerbside Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) from Mona Vale to the Sydney CBD.

The Northern Beaches BRT service will be called B-Line and is scheduled to start operating in late 2017.  The B-Line will provide more frequent and reliable services for customers travelling between the Northern Beaches and the Sydney CBD.

The B-Line project team invites you to visit the program website to get involved and find out more.

Dee Why Brookvale Transport Management Accessibility Study

This Study was undertaken to determine and manage the transport impacts of the State Government's target for an extra 5000 jobs for Dee Why/Brookvale.

Funding to undertake the study was provided by the State Government under the Local Environmental Plan Acceleration Fund (May 2011).

The Study determined that an additional 3000 to 3500 jobs could be accommodated by implementing a recommended package of strategies and infrastructure measures to 2036.

However, when additional jobs exceed 3500, extensive infrastructure upgrades will be required, with associated social and economic implications. In this respect, RMS and Transport for NSW confirmed at the time of undertaking this study that there were no plans to undertake extensive large-scale capacity enhancements to support this level of growth.

Subsequently, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment reduced its employment targets for Dee Why/Brookvale down to an additional 3000 jobs by 2031 under the Draft Metropolitan Strategy 2031 (2013).