Artist Residency Program


Jacqui Giuliano Kimbriki Artist Resident

The aim of the Kimbriki Artist Residency Program is to support local artists to develop their professional practice and to contribute to the cultural life of the Northern Beaches.

Please note the Artist Residency Program is currently fully booked. Email the creative team and register to be notified for the next round of applications.

Jacqui Giuliano - Artist in Residence: Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

With a background in architecture, yoga and spirituality, Jacqui Giuliano the new Kimbriki Artist Resident brings a wealth of experience and passion into her art practice. Jacqui welcomes the challenge of bringing her 2D panel board works into large scale 3D installations and will be working alongside Art Elective students from St Luke's Grammar School in 2017 along the theme of a 'Temple of Youth' culminating in a joint art exhibition at the Creative Space in April 2017. Jacqui is using the residency to broaden her skill set to include welding and carpentry.


Previous Resident Artists

Megan Robert - Artist in Residence: Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

"It's such an exciting opportunity to be given the artist residency at Kimbriki. Found objects are materials I love to use in my art practice as they already come loaded with history, purpose and meaning.

I like to rewrite their script and give them a new life in a different way with a new meaning and purpose. It's going to be fun, challenging and a meaningful experience for me as an artist as the message of recycling is reinforced." Megan Robert


Nadya E Anderson - November 2015 to April 2016

Nadya is a treasure hunter, beachcomber and bower bird. A sculptor, designer of objects, costumes, environments/spaces and visuals. Art, Music and Dance are her soul food.

"As ‘Artist in Residence’ at Kimbriki, I have entered a world of discarded materials and objects that constantly stimulate my imagination. I am surprised by the useful and often beautiful things people throw away, and love the challenge involved in re-interpreting and re-purposing these discarded objects and materials, to give them a new life by transforming them into works of Art. As an environmentalist my aim is to re-use existing materials to prolong their useful life, preserving the energy spent on their manufacture by keeping them in circulation, all-be-it in another form. I make objects that I hope will find their way into peoples homes, for them to enjoy as part of their everyday living experience." Nadya E Anderson