Melwood Oval


Public toilets

The synthetic sportsfields deliver premier all-weather facilities. The fields were officially opened in August, 2015.

This first class regional facility caters for most sports including a combination football/Rugby Union field with permanent line marking for both sports, a dedicated football field, a full size AFL field, senior cricket field, Oz-tag, touch football and many other sports. The facility also provides four new cricket nets and a centre cricket wicket that is covered during the winter season.

Besides being all-weather the benefits of the facility include:

  • field will not deteriorate during the season
  • can handle up to three times the use of a natural turf field
  • high quality surface that encourages high-skill use
  • eliminates fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides entering Middle Harbour catchment.

While the synthetic sportsfield has a small fence to keep balls in and dogs out, there will be no security fencing making the facility very accessible for anyone who wishes to kick the ball, go for a run or undertake other recreational pursuits.