Wet Weather Closures and FAQs


Soccer ball

Manly Dam Mountain Bike Track

Due to wet weather or maintenance requirements, the track may be closed. These closures are made to ensure the ongoing use of the track in the long term.


Warringah Council manages 128 sportsfields over 54 sites. These facilities are under enormous pressure from continual use. To ensure their playability and condition over the long term, some may be closed from time to time. An update on the status of individual fields can be found here.

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Wet Weather FAQ

Why are fields sometimes closed?

Fields may be closed because of wet weather, to undertake maintenance (e.g. end of season turfing), to undertake urgent repairs (e.g. repair damage from vehicles on fields) or other works such as the installation of new lighting.

Why close fields when it rains?

Playing on fields that are wet causes major damage that can force fields to be closed for long periods of time. Closing wet fields prevents this damage and ensures that fields can be used more over the long term. Wet and damaged fields also present safety issues for some sports.

Why do some fields remain closed when it stops raining?

Some fields require many days of continuous fine weather to completely dry out. All fields have different characteristics, such as soil type and drainage capacity and recover from rain at different speeds. Some fields may feel dry but still be wet underneath.

How does Council decide which fields are open and closed?

Decisions are based on; inspections, weather conditions and field characteristics. Our staff members inspect fields to determine which are kept open and which are closed. If fields are closed, follow up inspections continue until all are opened.

Which fields are inspected?

Only some of our fields are inspected when it rains. The Council has not currently allocated resources or staff to enable inspections of all 128 fields, in 54 locations each time it rains.

When are field inspections conducted?

During the week, inspections are conducted in the morning and afternoon, if needed. On the weekends, the fields will be inspected in the mornings and the field status updated by 7am as required.

Why are closed fields not assessed on weekends or public holidays?

The Council has not currently allocated resources or staff to assess fields over weekends and public holidays. If Council was to roster staff on these days, budget changes would have to be made in other areas. Therefore, decisions about closures on weekends & public holidays are made Friday afternoons.

Why can’t sports groups decide whether a field is open?

Council is best placed to inspect fields because: Council is responsible for managing risks associated with use of open space including ensuring fields are safe. Council will consider the impact of closures equitably. Council has the technical expertise to assess wet fields. Council can communicate in a timely way with all users.

Is there any way some sports can play on closed fields?

Council may give lower impact sports discretion to play on wet fields. Lower impact sports include; athletics, baseball, cricket, netball, softball. Higher impact sports include; AFL, hockey, oz-tag, rugby league & union, soccer and touch.

Does Council seek ideas from users about how we manage fields?

Our Parks team meets quarterly with the Manly Warringah Pittwater Sporting Union and local Sports Associations about how to manage our fields. This is part of an ongoing relationship designed to improve field access for all.

How do I find out which fields are open and closed?

Information is available 24/7 on Council’s website and on Friday afternoons we post a State of Play on Facebook and Twitter.  There are no updates on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.

Where can I get more information?

Information on field closure is available 24/7 on Council’s website and on Friday afternoons we post a State of Play on Facebook and Twitter. For other information please call Customer Service on 9942 2111.

How do I find out if a field is closed over the weekend?

Please call your club to check if a field is closed over the weekend. Council doesn't inspect fields over the weekend.

What happened to the Wet Weather Hotline?

The wet weather hotline has been stopped as we are not able to provide detailed information about the wet weather status of each of our 128 sportsfields in a phone message. Also, customers cannot easily find information about specific fields through a phone message.

Via our website we can provide the community with more up to date and more detailed information about each of our sportsfields. Also, information about specific sportsfields can be easily found by using our online search tools. As our web site is further developed over time there will be more and more information available about our sportsfields online.