Home Businesses and Sole Traders


We recognise that micro-businesses are a significant contributor to our economy.

More than 50% of business in the SHOROC region (Manly, Mosman, Pittwater and Warringah) are home businesses. That number is set to expand with the role out of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and social trends towards self employment and working locally.

There are many benefits to working this way – you reduce your commuting and can spend more time enjoying beautiful Warringah.

Small Business Training

Council, Northern Sydney Institute TAFE, Chambers of Commerce and Pittwater Business regularly holds seminars, workshops and mentoring programs for small and micro businesses. NSW Small Business Commissioner and Clearly Business Sydney are other great resources for business development and training information.

Planning Considerations

A home business is defined in our Local Environment Plan 2011 (LEP) and you must comply with its requirements. It states:

A home business means a business that is carried on in a dwelling, or in a building ancillary to a dwelling, by one or more permanent residents of the dwelling and that does not involve:

  1. the employment of more than 2 persons other than those residents, or
  2. interference with the amenity of the neighbourhood by reason of the emission of noise, vibration, smell, fumes, smoke, vapour, steam, soot, ash, dust, waste water, waste products, grit or oil, traffic generation or otherwise, or
  3. the exposure to view, from any adjacent premises or from any public place, of any unsightly matter, or
  4. the exhibition of any signage (other than a business identification sign), or
  5. the sale of items (whether goods or materials), or the exposure or offer for sale of items, by retail, except for goods produced at the dwelling or building,

but does not include bed and breakfast accommodation, home occupation (sex services) or sex services premises.

You may also want to check the State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) see any applicable requirements.

Personal Trainers

You're allowed to train groups of up to 20 people at most of our reserves. We issue permits for one year, subject to conditions. Contact Reserves Bookings for more information.

Dog Walkers

Please take advantage of our unleashed dog exercise areas listed here. Please remember you should not have more than 4 dogs at any one time, that they should all be under effective control and any dog waste needs to be removed immediately.