Dee Why Town Centre - Drainage


Oaks Avenue Drainage Works

The installation of new stormwater infrastructure under Oaks Avenue is nearing completion. These works will reduce the impact of major flooding in the Town Centre. 

These works were identified as the highest priority in the Dee Why South Catchment Floodplain Risk Management Plan (2015). The upgrades are essential to reduce the high risk of severe flooding in the Dee Why South Catchment, particularly in the lower catchment and the Dee Why Town Centre. 

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Meriton Sewer and Stormwater Division Works Works

Meriton are currently undertaking stormwater diversion works in Howard Avenue. Get the latest update here.

For details and conditions regarding the excavation and stormwater works, view the document details tab for DA2015/0612

For information on Meriton other private developments, visit our Private Developments page for Dee Why Town Centre.