Dee Why Town Centre - Parking

Short Term Parking Changes 

There will be some disruptions to parking as we improve the Town Centre. The above map shows existing parking (dark purple) and car parks under construction (light purple). 

Oaks Avenue Drainage Works - During the works period there will be sections of Oaks Avenue where parking will be temporarily removed in order to maintain two-way traffic. Parking will be restricted in the areas where the works are occurring. Other areas of on street parking will be accessible and available. Works are scheduled March to October 2016. Get the latest update here

Meriton Construction – The former private car park in Howard Avenue is no longer available as Meriton constructs its new building. Once complete, the new building will include parking to cater for the retail, commercial and residential development. Get the latest update on the Meriton development here.  

Meriton’s Howard Avenue Drainage Works - Meriton are undertaking stormwater diversion works in Howard Avenue. These works require changes to parking restrictions. The site contact is Stephen Todd Contractors (NSW) (02) 9439 0299. Get the latest update on the Meriton development here.  

Long Term Parking Changes 


The new Police Citizen's Youth Club (PCYC) will provide 348 spaces on the corner of the Kingsway, behind the Civic Centre. One level of the car park, being 120 spaces, will provide all day parking for bus commuters as part of the NSW Government's B-Line (read below). This then leaves 228 car parking spaces to be a combination of free public parking for short stay, and paid parking for all day, which includes commuters.  The combination and costs of these parking arrangements is yet to be determined. The carpark will have 230 more spaces than the carpark it replaced. Get the latest here.  

B-Line (Northern Beaches BRT)

The NSW Government is providing 120 parking spaces in the above PCYC development, in order to support the new kerbside Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) from Mona Vale to the Sydney CBD. The Northern Beaches BRT service will be called B-Line and is scheduled to start operating in late 2017. The B-Line project team invites you to visit the program website to get involved and find out more.

Private Development

Future private developments are required under Council's Planning Controls to provide on-site parking for residents and customers. This will result in more customer parking than at present as new developments replace older retail and commercial premises which currently have little or no customer parking. 

Oaks/Howard Car Park 

Council has resolved to sell the site for the redevelopment of new mixed-use building. The sale is subject to the provision of public car parking and for Council to retain commercial floor space to lease to the Dee Why Police Local Area Command. In addition, a new road link will be built between Oaks and Howard Avenue to facilitate traffic movement through the Town Centre.

Council has appointed CBRE to manage the sale on its behalf. CBRE will request the proponent to provide feedback subject to three alternatives (39, 139 or 200 public car parking spaces) as part of the sale. The outcome will be reported back to Council to make an informed decision regarding their preferred option.

For further details, read the FAQs below or see Council’s meeting documents from 24 March 2015 and 23 June 2015.

For enquiries, call Steve Johnson, Council’s Senior Property Officer, on 9942 2917. 

Oaks/Howard Car Park Sale FAQ

Why are we selling the Oaks/Howard car park?

The Dee Why Town Centre Masterplan identified this site as having great potential for mixed uses. Any redevelopment would enable retention of public parking at the basement level and allow for significant funds to be re-invested into further improvements to the town centre. All new developments and re-developments in Dee Why are required to provide customer and resident parking on their site, reducing the need for Council to maintain public car parks such as this.

Why 39, 139 or 200 car parks?

The Council carpark between Oaks and Howard Ave currently contains 215 parking spaces. 

Council is obliged to provide at least 39 parking spaces as Council accepted developer contributions for this purpose (S94 Developer Contributions). The option for 139 car parks was recommended to Council as part of our ongoing community consultation, and the option to provide 200 public car spaces is also being explored to determine the financial viability of providing a similar number of spaces as currently exist on the site.

Did this car park belong to the Church?

In 1967 the Catholic Church sold land to Warringah Council which equates to 13.5% of the current carpark site. The car park was re-classified to Operational land following a public consultation process, which occurred prior to Council’s resolution to sell the site in 2008. 

How long will the current car park be available?

The carpark will remain open until the site is sold. Because the sale of this site is subject to a number of strict conditions by Council, it is likely that the sale process could take some time. 

What about the impact on businesses if the car park is sold?

As we improve the town centre there will be disruptions to traffic and parking. Private development will also impact pedestrians and drivers.

Council will try to manage its own works and that of private developers to minimise this impact, however we ask for your patience during this time.

We recommend you register your details to receive email alerts of significant upcoming works, changes to traffic and parking and other Dee Why Town Centre improvements, including: the PCYC and car park; Oaks Avenue Drainage Works, Walter Gors Park; Redman Road Plaza; the Oaks/Howard Car Park Sale; St David Pocket Park; Traffic and Streetscape Changes, the Dee Why Town Centre Planning Controls and the Development Contributions Plan as well as private developments such as the Meriton site.