Dee Why Town Centre - Private Developments


A number of private developments are planned and underway in the Town Centre. Future private development will be subject to proposed Planning Changes


Meriton are planning to construct a new development in Dee Why, including two residential towers, retail space, a town square and pedestrian link, on the site previously known as the ‘Brookfield Multiplex Site’ or ‘Site B’. This development is based on amendments made to the planning controls in 2008. The establishment of the new town square was a condition of the 2008 voluntary planning agreement in conjunction with the decision to allow the increase in building tower height. The town square is to be publicly accessible and available for use by Council several times a year.

Read the background and get the latest on the Meriton Development here. Alternatively, view the following background links:

  • Concept approval 2009 -  DA2007/1249
  • Demolition approval 2014 - DA2014/0805
  • Excavation and Stormwater Works approval 2015 - DA2015/0612
  • Meriton Development Application for building works -  DA2016/0705 (identical replacement for DA2016/0042 - resubmitted due to a technical matter identified within the Warringah Local Environmental Plan 2011)

Dee Why RSL

We have received an application by Dee Why RSL Club Ltd to amend Warringah Development Control Plan 2011 (EC02799). Application EC02799 has been made in conjunction with Development Application DA2016/0648 for demolition works and redevelopment of part of an existing Registered Club (Dee Why RSL Club). Read more online

876-878 Pittwater Road and 4-8 Oaks Avenue, Dee Why

This application for a multi-storey mixed use development on the corner of Oaks Ave and Pittwater Road was withdrawn. View the documents tab for DA2015/1202 for more details. 

627-635 Pittwater Road Dee Why

This application for construction of a multi-storey mixed use development at 627–635 Pittwater Road (5 Mooramba Road), Dee Why was refused by the Joint Regional Planning Panel. View the documents tab for DA2015/1306 for more details. 


An application to build a 15 story mixed use residential flat building was refused by the Land and Environment Court in 2014 (DA2013/1168). An approval does exist for a nine story building (see DA2011/0887 and Modification Mod2012/0087). There are currently no new plans for the redevelopment of this site.

Kiah Site  

Works have commenced on the construction of the two residential flat buildings approved on the former Kiah Family Centre Site between Pacific Parade and Sturdee Parade. Read more by reviewing the documents and details for DA2013/1519 and Modification Mod2015/0062

For more information contact the Dee Why Town Centre Community Liaison Officer on 9942 2111. 

Dee Why Town Centre Private Developments FAQ

What if I have concerns about Asbestos removal?

All developments must ensure there is no risk to public health and safety when removing asbestos.

If you believe that the property is not taking adequate measures to ensure safety to public health when removing the asbestos, we recommend you contact NSW WorkCover on 13 10 50. For further information go to