Dee Why Town Centre - Traffic Changes

Short Term Traffic Changes 

Temporary traffic changes are required over the next few years to facilitate drainage works, street and public open space upgrades and private development. Traffic changes include alterations to on-street parking and the relocation of pedestrian crossings, bus stops and taxi stands. Read below or click on the above interactive map to find out more. 

Oaks Avenue Drainage Works - Two-way traffic will be maintained during the Oaks Avenue drainage upgrades. Traffic will need to be managed by traffic controllers through the site which may mean slower speeds for this section of the road. Get the latest update here

Meriton's Howard Avenue Drainage Works - Meriton are undertaking stormwater diversion works in Howard Avenue. These works require the temporary relocation of the pedestrian crossing and taxi stand. The site contact is Stephen Todd Contractors (NSW) (02) 9439 0299. Get the latest update on the Meriton development here 

Meriton Construction Access - A number of trucks will be moving throughout the town centre as Meriton construct their new building.  Get the latest update on the Meriton development here 

Long Term Traffic Changes 

Dee Why Town Centre Traffic Changes

To deliver the significant upgrades of the Dee Why Town Centre Masterplan, there will need to be some changes to the way that traffic moves around the Town Centre.

In consultation with Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), Council has undertaken further detailed traffic modelling to determine the best future traffic system for the Town Centre.

Plans for the new traffic system will be made available along with the streetscape designs. The streetscape designs will include any approved traffic changes, new wider footpaths, improved pedestrian accessibility, bike paths, plants, furniture, lighting and public art to highlight the vibrant community and spirit of Dee Why. Subject to RMS approval, the traffic changes are planned to be implemented between 2017-2019 as part of the Phase 1 streetscape upgrades. Get the latest here

B-Line (Northern Beaches BRT)

The NSW Government’s planned kerbside Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service from Mona Vale to the Sydney CBD will result in further short and long term traffic changes in Dee Why. The Northern Beaches BRT service will be called B-Line and is scheduled to start operating in late 2017. The B-Line project team invites you to visit the program website to get involved and find out more.