Information Access (GIPA)


Information Access (GIPA)

You are entitled to see much of the information that’s held in Council records. Different information is released by the Council in different ways.

The GIPA Act is legislation that creates new rights of community access to government information. It also encourages routine and proactive release of information.

1. Open Access (Mandatory Proactive Release)

This covers information routinely available on our website, free of charge. It includes media releases and annual reports, meeting agendas and minutes, Council policies and other information. 

2. Proactive Release

We also release information that’s frequently requested by the public or is of public interest, either free of charge or at minimal cost. 

3. Informal Release

Some information can be released if you make an informal request. Sometimes we may impose conditions before releasing the information. For example, you may be entitled to see information about you but, not about someone else. You can make this request by filling out the Informal Information Request Form (in the links section).

4. Formal Release

A formal application is needed to see information that’s not available via the above methods. It might be information about another person whose agreement is required or information that is sensitive or confidential. Charges and time limits apply for this kind of application. Complete a Formal Information Request Form. This signed form must be brought to Council along with payment and a form of identification. Unlike an informal release, it cannot be completed online.

Pecuniary Interest Register

You can inspect the register at the Civic Centre, 725 Pittwater Rd, Dee Why.