Development Determination Panels


Some Development Applications (DAs) are determined by a panel. The panel makes a decision, or ‘determination’ in allowing the development or refusing it.

DAs are assessed by different panels depending on their size and complexity, regional significance, or other special considerations.  

If a DA is refused by a panel the applicant might lodge a review of determination. In this case the review is assessed by a different panel or by another authority.


If a DA has ‘regional significance’ it will be referred by Council to the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP).
The Application Determination Panel (ADP) makes decisions on DAs that have not been referred to Warringah’s other Panels.
The Warringah Development Assessment Panel (WDAP) makes decisions about major development applications (DAs) in Warringah. 
The Warringah Development Review Panel (WDRP) runs in parallel with the Warringah Development Assessment Panel (WDAP).

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